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Hey, I'm Dev Shah

Hey, I'm Dev Shah and I'm a 19 year old Machine Learning researcher based in Toronto. I’m currently a ML researcher working in Medical Imaging x AI lab under Dr. Tyrrell; looking to integrate Artificial Intelligence into a clinical setting to improve the diagnosis process. I’m also studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto. My ultimate aspiration is to make a significant and lasting positive impact on the world, with the hope of touching the lives of billions. While I acknowledge that achieving this goal may be a long and challenging journey, it is one that I am wholeheartedly committed to pursuing. Check out my portfolio and skills below! I will be posting updates on my website and throughout my newsletters, make sure to subscribe below! Stay tuned :)



    Data Analysis, Software Development, Object-Oriented Programming, Mathematics, Data Structures & Algorithms


    Exponential Technologies, Real-World Skills, People & Leadership, Character & Mindset, Consulting & Advisory, Artificial Intelligence


    Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solver, Engaging Global Challenges


  • Machine Learning Engineer -- Interactions LLC.

    Created a LLM driven avatar using NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform and Audio2Face interface for enhancing customer service. Leveraged a tech stack including Python, PyTorch, AWS, Docker, GRPC, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA Audio2Face.

  • Machine Learning Researcher -- University of Toronto

    Developing a massive machine learning model with contrastive learning for feature extraction and diagnosis of knee ultrasounds.

  • Research Intern -- Interac

    Sensing the market through solid research and analysis of trends and technologies that could directly and indirectly, impact the future of financial services.


  • Data Analysis

    Ability to analyze and interpret complex data

  • Software Development

    Proficient in developing software using various programming languages and tools

  • Object-Oriented Programming

    Strong understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and design patterns

  • Mathematics

    Strong mathematical skills including calculus, linear algebra, and statistics


  • Programming Languages

    Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, HTML/CSS, SQL

  • Applied Machine Learning

    Random Forest, XGBoost, Decision Tree, Fast Fourier Algorithm, Tensorflow, pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, NLTK, SciKit, SkLearn

  • Machine Learning Frameworks

    UNET, Neural Networks (CNN, RNN), Natural Language Processing, Transformers, LLMs

  • Tools

    Git, Tensorflow, VS Code, Visual Studio, PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, Google Colab, Power Bi

Featured Projects.

Featured Project 1

LLM Driven Avatar

Developed a LLM driven avatar using NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform and Audio2Face interface, integrating cutting-edge Machine Learning libraries. This solution significantly improved installation-related customer service, resulting in a 47% reduction in support ticket escalation and a 32% decrease in installation process duration. Leveraged a tech stack including Python, PyTorch, AWS, Docker, GRPC, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA Audio2Face to create a state-of-the-art avatar for enhancing customer service. Successfully delivered a robust system that demonstrated its efficiency by achieving a 92% customer satisfaction rate based on post-implementation surveys.

Featured Project 2

Nuclei Segmentation with UNET Framework.

Based on the infamous UNET for biomedical imaging paper, I built the UNET architecture from scratch. Collected data from Kaggle of pictures of Nuclei. The images were acquired under a variety of conditions and vary in the cell type, magnification, and imaging modality (brightfield vs. fluorescence). Using Python and SkLearn, preprocessed the images by applying various image enhancement techniques, such as contrast stretching, and minmaxscalar. Adjusted hyperparameters, such as learning rate, batch size, and number of epochs, using TensorFlow’s built-in tools for hyperparameter tuning. Model trained with over 96% accuracy.


Recent Work

why has GPT-4’s accuracy been declining so much!?

Understanding why GPT's accuracy has been declining and what this means for the future of LLMs.

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Leveraging Federated Learning for Medical Imaging

An article going over how the future of medical imaging lies in the hands of Federated Learning.

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Expressing Neural Networks as Decision Trees

Understanding how neural networks can be expressed as decision trees.

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Breaking Down the Forward-Forward Algorithm

Understanding how back-propagation can be replaced by the Forward-Forward algorithm.

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Breaking Down Natural Language Processing

An article that goes over the Natural Language Processing pipeline and how it works.

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Understanding Federated Learning; Decentralized ML

An article that breaks down the future of Federated Learning and how it works.

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Professional Work

Consulting Experience

Accelerating Profitability for Kidogo

Making Early Childhood Development Profitable.

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Strategic Consulting for Sidewalk Labs

Reducing the Cost of Housing in Toronto.

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Adapting to Consumer of 2030 with IKEA

Increasing IKEA's market share by adapting to the consumer of 2030.

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Off-Wind Energy

Energizing Society Using 4D Printed Wind Turbines

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Mamita Health

Rethinking Remote Healthcare For Mothers

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Reducing Emissions and Increasing Crop Yields by Saving Resources

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